A Thriving Church or a Dying Church?

thrive logoA THRIVING church has lots of “noisy” children and young people;

a dying church is fairly quiet.


A THRIVING church often changes the way things are done;

a dying church doesn’t.


A THRIVING church often asks for more money for ministry

a dying church doesn’t ask for money so not to offend people.


A THRIVING church asks people to open up and risk involvement;

a dying church plays it safe and never risks.


A THRIVING church sees challenges and opportunities;

a dying church sees problems and dangers.


A THRIVING church encourages its people to serve people;

a dying church uses people to preserve its traditions.


A THRIVING church believes in God’s future and “lets go” with faith;

a dying church believes in the past and “holds on.”


A THRIVING church is filled with committed givers;

a dying church is filled with tippers.


A THRIVING church dares to dream great dreams for God’s kingdom;

a dying church has nightmares.


Which are we going to be THRIVING Church or DYING church?


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Thriving Future Family Devotion

thrive family devotion guideThis is it!  This is our last Thrive devotion.  Sit down with your family sometime this week or next and let this scripture, devotion and questions set the mood for a new season for you, your family and our church.   Are you ready to Thrive?



19   Things will get better and better. Depression days are over. They’ll THRIVE. The days of contempt will be over.  Jeremiah 30:19 (MSG)


Background Information and Explanation:

 Jeremiah was an Old Testament prophet.  He was writing to a people that had lost their city, their homes and their loved ones.  It was a sad time.  God was using Jeremiah to remind them that these depressing days were over!  Better days were to come.  God desires that his people live for him and have a future that they could look forward to.  God’s plan was for his people to Thrive!

 Discussion Questions:  

How would you like to see your family THRIVE?  In what ways is God calling you to help your church family THRIVE? How is THRIVING better than just surviving?


THRIVE CHALLENGE: With your family or close friends reflect on your 28-day THRIVE Challenge. Make note of your successes, where you are now THRIVING, and how Praying, Fasting, Scripture Reading, Worship and Giving has changed your life.

THRIVE CHALLENGE:   Meditate on this scripture all week as we move from surviving to THRIVING!


Ready to Thrive!




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Thriving Groups Family Devotion

thrive family devotion guideRidge family, don’t forget to have your family devotion this week!

Here’s this week’s devotion,



13  Planted in the house of the LORD, they THRIVE in the courts of our God.
14  They will still bear fruit in old age, healthy and green
,  Psalm 92:13-14 (HCSB)


Background Information and Explanation


Psalms is an Old Testament book that contains a collection of songs and poems written by King David.  He describes how people who are involved in the things of God, in the house of God and with the people of God are planted, flourishing and putting down deep roots. David explains that these people will be healthy, fruitful and satisfied their whole life.  God wants his people to Thrive by being connected to him and others!

Discussion Questions:  

What groups do you enjoy being a part of?  Why?  What groups at church do you enjoy being in?   What groups would you like to see more of at church?  How can life be better with God and others than all alone?  How could a group of people who love God help someone better that one person alone?


THRIVE CHALLENGE: Ask the Lord today how He would have you use your gifts and talents at church.  Think about how God wants you to connect through participating in Growth Groups, and serving.

THRIVE CHALLENGE: Join us for the celebration service June 5th to celebrate our victories from our 28-day THRIVE Challenge and give our THRIVE offering to the Lord.





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Thriving Worship Family Devotion

thrive family devotion guide Hey Ridge Family,

Just a reminder to sit down with your family this week for your Thrive Devotion!  Printed versions are at any location or use this online version.   Our family was able to do ours after dinner on Wednesday night.  We had a good discussion: In discussing what we enjoy about worshiping at church on Sundays,  Danielle loves learning about God at church (discipleship), Noel loves serving in the kid’s ministry (service), Kaleb loves seeing and visiting with people (fellowship) and Niki loves helping to lead people in (worship) and I love participating in something so much bigger than me as all the people are working together to reach out (outreach) and change lives !  All these are the biblical purposes of the church and are a part of worship.  There are other great discussion questions like this and I pray that you and your family have a great family devotion this week!


10  When the righteous THRIVE, a city rejoices. Proverbs 11:10 (HCSB)

Background Information and Explanation

 Proverbs was written by King Solomon who the bible describes as the wisest of men.  Solomon wrote Proverbs to teach us truths about life.  “When the righteous thrive, a city rejoices” describes how godly people affect others in a positive way.  Here’s the opposite: “when there are lots of thieves, dishonest, and violent people a city lives in fear.”   But when there are people who love honesty, live to please God and help others a city and its people are happy.   When we come to church on Sunday to worship God that is good; but when we live our lives for him the rest of the week, that is worship as a lifestyle which is even better.  Righteous living makes a difference to those around us!

Discussion Questions: 

Do you know someone that makes you happy to be around them?  Who is it and why do they make you happy? In what ways do you enjoy worshiping at church on Sunday?  In what ways can we live for God during the week that impacts other people’s lives?

 THRIVE CHALLENGE:   Commit to coming to church every Sunday during the 28 day Thrive Challenge. Be an active worshipping and giving participant in each weekend service.

THRIVE CHALLENGE: Think and pray about your THRIVE offering.  As an act of worship, what does God want you to give as a one-time offering and 13 month commitment on June 5th?


 I’m praying for you and your family to Thrive.




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